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If your body could talk, is a collection of letters written from your body to you.  If your body could talk, what would it say?
“Did you hear me at all today when I was trying to signal that we were full?”
“I felt so good after you did that workout today. I loved every second of it”.
“Please do’t hate me or look at me in disgust.”
“I want to be your partner in a long, healthy and happy life. Not something you look at and cringe and something that you take for granted.”

If your body had a choice who owned it, would it choose you, or trade you in for someone who treats it with more respect?

Your career, your social life, and your to-do list – they can wait. You only get one body and one life. It’s time to listen to what it’s saying and show yourself some love.

If your body could talk is written for women struggling to find time for their bodies, written by a woman who has been there and experienced it firsthand.

It’s time to listen to your body, and hear what it’s telling you.

Hey beautiful lady!

I know you’re amazing. I’ve been working with you for years now.  I know you’re busy.  I know your to do list is long. I know you try to be good and take care of your body… sometimes. I get it. You don’t need another diet or crazy exercise regime. You need something else. You feel like you’re missing something. Maybe you’re not sure what. Maybe you think you need more hours in the day or a new job or to wait until next week.

You are missing something.  You’re missing something that is right in front of your eyes.

You have a body.  A body that works.  A body that is absolutely amazing. Yes that’s right – that body that you talk so much crap about – it’s amazing. And you’re ignoring it.

You need that body. How long are you going to rush on with your to do list and excuses?

Your body has been trying to talk to you. It’s time to hear what it is telling you.

I hope you listen and do something about it.

Love Jacquie xx

Jacquie Sharples is a fitness and wellbeing coach and co-founder of Carpe Diem Wellbeing. After years seeing women frustrated with the number of confusing messages that made getting into shape even harder, Jacquie moved from a career as a corporate engineer, to devoting her time to help women get some bodylove. She is the author of this book, “If your body could talk”, and creator of the “bodylove coaching program”.  More about Jacquie




“We all know that we should listen to those close to us, but how often do the messages that our own bodies are sending fall on deaf ears?  Ironic really as our bodies are probably the only ones that will always tell the truth.  After reading Jacqiue’s fabulous book in the future I will be listening intently and always showing deep respect to my body – after all it is the only one I will ever have! Entertaining, insightful and warm, If your body could talk is a must read for any woman.”

Anneka Manning, Author ‘Eat, Bake, Love’ and business owner, Sydney

“This book got me out walking at 6am instead of my usual snooze when the alarm goes off.  Thanks so much Jacquie, you really understand what makes people tick.”

Vivienne Kane, Business Development Manager, Melbourne

“Jacquie’s book very respectfully asks us to have a think about the most important relationship we’ll ever have, our relationship with our body.  It’s fun to read and really puts things into perspective.  After reading a few letters I found myself determined to treat my body with the same care and support that I would a loved one.  Thanks Jacquie, from me and my body!”

Olivia Lo Schiavo, Account Executive, Melbourne

“Jacquie’s book introduced me to a powerful concept.. if my body had a choice who owned it, would it choose me?  My answer was probably not!  This is a MUST read for anyone who has been neglecting their most important asset, their body.”

Kim Hesse, Author and Business Owner, Melbourne

“For the first time in my life, I consciously stopped saying negative things about myself. Its amazing how often we do it! Whenever I found myself about to be critical about a body part, I suddenly stopped what I was saying; I didn’t want to hurt my body’s feelings! Jacquie has a fresh approach to enhancing women’s body self-love and appreciation. I am a better person having read this life-changing book! Get your teenage daughters to read this book – this type of positivity could change the way your child feels about herself forever.”

Kate Eichhorn, Personal Assistant, Melbourne

“A series of beautiful, honest and funny letters that really hit home! If Your Body Could Talk opened my eyes to how amazing our bodies really are and gave me an important reminder to give my body the love it deserves!”

Tina Orr, Public Relations and Communications, Melbourne

I’d be taken aback if someone read through this clever compilation without treating their body with a little more TLC. Jacquie’s quirky writing style is engaging, entertaining yet deeply sincere. Expect a truly unique read with wellbeing messages that get right to the core – illustrated by everything from childhood stories to Rohl Dahl quotes to sumo wrestling techniques! ‘If Your Body Could Talk’ is a delightfully refreshing read, shedding a new light on the relationship between you & your body.

Nicola Gracie, Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Coach, Melbourne

“I’m just loving your book.  It’s genius.  It’s the first book on fitness that I’ve loved.”

Daniel Priestley, Author and Entrepreneur, London

“I bought this book for my wife and whilst on the way home started read it. I was amazed that I caught myself nodding and agreeing with what I was reading. The messages are simple yet powerful and are great reminders for us all whom live in this busy, fast paced world. I think more guys should be reading this!”

Johnathon Krywicki, Business Owner, Melbourne

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