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If your body could talk is a collection of letters written from your body to you.  We all know we should treat our bodies with a little more respect but sometimes it can see so hard when our lives are so busy.  Although most of us don’t need another diet or fitness fad we do need something.  We need to change the way we think about and treat our bodies.  We need to change small things everyday. We need to love out bodies more.

If your body could talk is written for busy professional women whose jobs and lifestyles seem to be in conflict with having a lean, fit and healthy body.  The book aims to get you thinking about your body and the day to day decision you make in a different light.

How is your body feeling?
If is doesn’t feel as good as you know it could, maybe it’s time for a different point of view,  It’s time to listen to your body. Here’s your chance. Don’t ignore it for any longer.




For any professionals living in the real world, with real demands, a busy career and life who want realistic and intelligent advice on living a healthy and balanced life, Jacquie is here for you. 

Restrictive diets that exclude important food groups, boring exercise regimes and unproductive ways of thinking  – Jacquie Sharples doesn’t have time for it and neither do you. She’s about real changes and real results. She’s about intelligent training with simple steps to get you loving your body – a real body that lives a real life.

Introduced to healthy living through falling in love with athletics at the age of five, Jacquie has spent the majority of her life running, jumping and staying active. She has been training at the highest levels in athletics since she was in school when she was Victoria champion in the triple jump and first competed Nationally in the triple jump and hurdles. In 2009 Jacquie was in the top 8 at the Commonwealth Games trials in the 400m hurdles and is now a  Pole Vaulter.

Although she loved to move, a career in fitness and wellbeing wasn’t always on the cards for Jacquie. She completed a double degree in Engineering and Commerce at the University of Melbourne in 2004 and worked as an engineer in the water industry in Melbourne. Despite enjoying her work she couldn’t ignore her passion for health and fitness. In 2007 Jacquie co-founded Carpe Diem Wellbeing and focused on providing personal training and group fitness services. She gained qualifications in Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a range of specialist certifications.

While juggling multiple enterprises herself, full time work as an engineer, running a part time business and training as an athlete, Jacquie learnt first hand why so many professionals find it hard to give their body the attention it deserves. Jacquie couldn’t help but see how hard most professionals find it to balance their body and their busy work and social lives.

After years of hearing beautiful, intelligent women lament about the frustration they felt for their bodies, Jacquie could see that most of them were simply confused by the abundance of conflicting information around and didn’t give their own wellbeing the time & energy it deserved.

In 2012 she decided to focus her energy full time into what she cared most about, helping intelligent poeple see fact from fiction and achieve maximum results in their health and wellbeing.

She took the leap and moved from her career as an engineer and re-focused her business, Carpe Diem Wellbeing, to provide more effective and holistic wellbeing programs. She created the bodylove coaching program and continues to build Carpe Diem Wellbeing into a business devoted to intelligent and life changing wellbeing programs for her clients.asseenincarpediemwellbeing

In 2013 she published her first book ,“If your body could talk”, a collection of letters written from your body to you. Unlike any other fitness and wellbeing book, it is written from the body’s point of view. With so much information out there on health and fitness she wanted to write something unique and easy to read and that would inspire readers to want to connect with and learn more about their bodies. Readers instantly feel the connection and authenticity of the message, finding it easy to read and inspiring. The book is available at all major e-retailers in paperback and e-book.

Jacquie currently writes, presents wellbeing workshops in workplaces and coaches her clients on four key areas – mindset, balance, movement and menu.

Jacquie is  passionate about educating and inspiring others to action and is on a mission to help spread bodylove.

Please contact Jacquie for further information.